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Board and Train 

The dog lives with Nick and his pack for 4-6 weeks to learn lead work, off leash obedience, socialization, treadmill and how to navigate the world calmly and connected to the handler under all kinds of distractions. Owners receive training support and access to boarding for the life of the dog after completion of any board and train program.

Lead Work

Build connection and neutrality through teaching your dog how to fully understand the lead. No gimmicks, just you, the dog and the lead.

Lead Work Sessions | $50 per person

Weekly group meetings to work on proper handling and advance the dogs and humans understanding of the lead along with socialization and community building. 

Private Day Train 


The dog spends the day with the pack being worked by Nick himself, and learning obedience, lead work, new behaviors and skills . It Includes a 30 min s session prior to the dogs return home. Subject to availability.

Behavior modification 

Our behavior modification programs are designed specifically to each individual dog.  We always focus on what the dog needs first before focusing on what the owners want. It will require changes in the way the owner lives and interacts with the dogs on a day to day basis regardless of the issue they are facing. Some cases can be dealt with with private sessions and some other cases may require a board and train, we access each case individually. 


Basic obedience on lead and house manners.

Advanced obedience off lead ( E-collar training) - reliability off lead under distractions and competing motivators.

Pack Day
(lead work, structured daycare and socialization )

60$-70$ per day 

Each dog will be worked individually on lead work, place work and long line until they are fully off lead with the pack.This service is offered only 2x per week until further notice.

New Puppy  

$750 ( Includes slip lead)

5 consecutive sessions at Equilibrium Canine facility covering all a dog owner needs to know to succeed with their new canine  companion. House breaking, Structure and boundaries inside the house, basic lead work, basic obedience, proper play, socialization.

Group Classes
(For pack members and current clients only)

  • Lead work

  • Obediece

  • E-collar training *

4 consecutive weekly classes with home work provided each week | 

Contact for more info about class schedule and pricing.


For pack members and board and train alumni only. Contact Nick for availability.

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