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The pack program focus on creating a harmonious and structured environment for the dogs with or without behavioral  issues, aiming to bring balance to their interactions with the environment and with other dogs through proper socialization, lead work and long line work. Each dog is built from the ground up always beginning on lead with the goal to be off lead without the need of a remote collar. The Pack is limited to 15 dogs and each dog is hand picked before joining the program. The pack program will run 2x per week during the winter months the pack days might be cancelled due to weather conditions.


*The dog spends the day working with Nick on leadwork, recall, place work and socializing with the pack, it includes a 30 min session with the owner at the end of the day. Great option for former board and train or current clients to have their dogs working for an extended period with Nick and the pack learning or working on previously learned skills.

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