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Lead work is a very specific way to condition the dog to the physical pressure of the lead, once the lead is connected to the feet of the dog a lot can be achieved in regards of relationship building and behavior modification, the goal is to help the dog to find lightness and neutrality while on lead, the goal is to build a way to support them through life with the goal of bringing more neutrality toward the environment and more connection with the handler. A neutral dog is more connected to the human, it doesn’t react to the environment, a neutral dog can think before acting/ reacting. It’s in my opinion one of the best ways to change behavior and to create a different level of communication and connection between canine and human, we teach the dog and ourselves about work ethic and connection.


Lead work group classes will be offered once a week with the goal to build a community of dog handlers who want to transcend their relationship with their dogs and continuously Improve their handling skills. Classes are 50% off for board and train alumni ( full BT program). 

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