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Training and Behavior


Clear communication equals cooperation

Equilibrium Canine was created to bridge the communication gap between dogs and humans through the understanding and application of canine psychology and behaviorism.

When we change our perspective on how our dogs see and interpret the world, and showing them what we want but in a way they understand, then balance, trust and, fulfillment can be achieved.


Equilibrium Canine

Picture the Perfect Companion

Imagine strolling through the bustling streets of Boston or the quiet pathways of your local park with your dog calmly following your lead. No lunging at squirrels, no barking at passersby—just a peaceful and enjoyable walk. Picture yourself relaxing at a cafe with your dog lying quietly at your feet, undisturbed by the surrounding noise and movement. With Equilibrium Canine, this vision can become your reality. We believe that effective dog training doesn't require endless treats or harsh equipment. Our approach focuses on building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, allowing for clear communication between you and your dog. This foundation makes training not only possible but also enjoyable and deeply rewarding.

Our Approach to Dog Training in Massachusetts

Equilibrium Canine’s training programs are straightforward and results-driven. We concentrate on essential commands that foster calmness and submission, setting a standard of behavior that addresses common issues like aggression, anxiety, and disobedience:

  • Core Commands: We teach your dog to follow, heel, stay, come when called, and more. These basic commands are the building blocks of good behavior.

  • Behavioral Modification: For dogs with specific challenges, we offer tailored solutions that address the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.

  • Advanced Training: Once a foundation of obedience is established, we can address more complex training goals specific to your needs.

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